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The way we worked (then retired)

My dad jokingly refers to them as “The Board,” a group of coffee-drinking, sunrise-welcoming regulars at 51 Diner in Wesson. The morning I decide to ... Read more

Happy Easter: He Is Risen!

Today is Easter – the holiest day in the Christian’s calendar. In churches throughout our area, the message will ring out in word and song: ... Read more

A lot is going on in Brookhaven

For those of you who say there’s nothing to do in Brookhaven you only had to witness the events of this week to see just ... Read more

Calling all Lois Lanes and Clark Kents

Spring and the time leading up to Easter – like the weeks and days before Christmas – is a very busy time in Brookhaven. Last ... Read more

While we were putting down roots

We built our house around it, a massive oak with leaves larger than my husband’s hand and limbs that kissed the dirt. The builder warned ... Read more

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