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Brookhaven mayor completes advanced certification

Brookhaven Mayor Joe Cox recently completed the highest level of Mississippi Municipal League certification.

The MML’s Certified Municipal Official program has three certification levels: basic, advanced and professional. The basic level requires 60 hours of training focused on municipal organization, law, finance and land use. The advanced level requires an additional 40 hours training in community and economic development.

The professional level, which Cox recently completed, requires another 40 hours of work to improve skills such as public speaking, writing and interpersonal communications.

“As mayor, I feel it is my duty to seek knowledge and self-improvement as an indication of my commitment to better serve the citizens of Brookhaven,” Mayor Cox said.

“The Professional Development Level of the CMO program gives our municipal leaders the opportunity to focus on personal growth and improvement in leadership skills,” said MML Executive Director Shari T. Veazey. “Those who have completed all three levels of the CMO program have made a strong commitment to self-improvement and, as a result, will be more effective municipal leaders.”

MML was established in 1931 and represents governments of 289 cities, towns and villages in the state. For more information on the program, visit www.mmlonline.com.