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Go vote Tuesday

Today’s edition of The Daily Leader is full of stories about candidates who will appear on ballots Tuesday. If elections bore you, then maybe you can find something of interest on the sports or lifestyles pages.

We hope, however, that most of you are concerned with elections, both local and state. At the local level, races for district attorney and supervisor will be decided Tuesday; there is also a school board seat up for grabs and a handful of other races. Statewide, voters will choose the next governor, lieutenant governor and a host of other positions.

A headline in a sister newspaper asked: Does low turnout create representative government? It’s a question worth asking, even though turnout this time last year in Lincoln County topped 60 percent. That election saw races for U.S. Senate, school board and judicial seats. That a U.S. Senate candidate was from Brookhaven likely provided a bump in the numbers.

This year, there is no such local connection to a high profile race on the ballot, but there are still plenty of reasons to vote Tuesday.

Will Republican Tate Reeves or Democrat Jim Hood serve as governor for the next four years? You will help decide that, but only if you vote.

Given the debates many of you have been having about Medicaid expansion, education funding and taxes, we’re guessing Lincoln County will see another near-record turnout. We hope so.