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Art contest winners can BRAG now

Brookhaven Regional Art Guild awarded ribbons and monetary prizes Thursday to the winners of its 2019 annual art competition.

Best in Show winner was Ava Jane Newell, for her acrylic painting “Artist at Work.” She was awarded a ribbon and a $150 prize.

People’s Choice and first place winners received a ribbon and $100 each. Second place winners each received a ribbon and $75. Third place winners won ribbons and $50 each. Honorable Mention winners were awarded ribbons.

Here is a complete list of winners.

Best in Show

Ava Jane Newell, “Artist at Work”

People’s Choice

Gilmadus*, “Breathe Not for Breathing”


First place — Stasha Ezell, “Dennis Stewart’s Place”

Second place — Joshua Hamilton, “The Wolves at Bay”

Third place — Roberto Bonilla, “Road to Nowhere”

Honorable Mention — Beth Breeland, “Can You Feel the Music”

Honorable Mention — Kelsey Mason, “Georgia Lee”


First place — Cherie Langston, “Need Milk”

Second place — Suzzane Shumate, “Big sur Surf”

Third place — Sam Barton, “Cabin in the Woods”

Honorable Mention — Gayle Quick, “La Dame de Fer”

Honorable Mention — Kelly Parks, “Quiet Place”

Water Media

First place — Theresa Beaubouef, “Garden Gate”

Second place — Janet M. Smith, “Downtown Cycling”

Third place — Ed Patten, “Beach Laundry”

Honorable Mention — McKenze Ritchie, “My Father’s House”

Honorable Mention — Amy Greer, “Crepe Myrtle Kitten”

Pastels and Drawing

First place — Pam Whitacker, “Human”

Second place — Theresa Beaubouef, “HMMM”

Third place — Emma Lynn Powell, “Out of My Mind”

Honorable Mention — Phidales Hill, “Study in Library”

Honorable Mention — Rosemary Kahlmaus, “Forgotten”

Mixed Media

First place — Rhonda Rich, “Control Chaos”

Second place — Prudence McGehee, “Red Reflection”

Third place — Elizabeth Kaplan, “Ballet Vert”

Honorable Mention — Gildmalus, “You Excel”

Honorable Mention — Kay Calcote, “A Glimpse of Beauty”


First place — Becky Corkern, “Out for a Morning Stroll”

Second place — Samantha Alsbury, “Puddle of Clouds”

Third place — April Alsbury, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”

Honorable Mention — Nancy Hank Myers, “Another Saturday Night at the Hog Pen”

Honorable Mention — Bill Perkins, “Deb”

3D (Ceramics, Sculpture, etc.)

First place — Emily Goss, “Penny”

Second place — Joshua Hamilton, “Wisdom”

Third place — Nan Lusk, “Moto Bike Mama”

Honorable Mention — Rhonda Rich, “Birds Ballad”

Honorable Mention — Stephanie Gustavson, “Esther”

*This artist prefers to be identified by a singular name.