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Volunteers needed for live nativity show

New Sight Baptist Church is looking for volunteers to travel back in history to the time of Jesus.

The church is one month away from its annual live nativity, and organizer Brenda Foster said members are looking for volunteers from other local churches to dress up in costume and perform as part of the show, which takes place over the course of three nights in mid-December. The church is its 15th year of performing the live nativity and has all the plans and preparations down pat — it just needs extra manpower for the easy part.

“It’s such a big presentation, we’ve got room for anybody to help,” Foster said. “We’ve had several members pass away this year, and it trickles down. We’re going to need people to come and dress out and participate in the scenes. We have a costume ready for you.”

New Sight’s live nativity is a drive-through performance depicting the life of Jesus Christ, from birth to death to resurrection, played out over approximately 20 scenes setup around the church’s circle drive on Forest Trail Northeast. It will be performed from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. the nights of Dec. 14, 15 and 16, weather permitting.

Admission is free.

Foster said it takes about 50 people to pull off the live nativity, which is made as realistic as possible with built sets like huts, animal pens and blacksmith shops; handmade costumes; and live animals. Around 2,500 visitors each year slowly drive through the nativity while church members act out the scenes — starting with the angel’s appearance to Mary and ending with Christ’s resurrection — in character as townsfolk, merchants, Roman soldiers, priests and Christ himself.

“It grows every year, which is a blessing. We want somebody to see those scenes and think, ‘OK, maybe I need to ask more questions about Jesus,’” Foster said. “Maybe it will put a spark in somebody.”

The live nativity is New Sight’s Christmas event, and Foster is hoping other churches in the area will pitch in to help. Anyone interested in volunteering for the performance may contact her at 601-754-3107 for details.

“Anyone who volunteers will get a blessing out of it,” she said. “Maybe it will light a fire in them, and they may want to go back and start a new ministry at their church. We definitely can use the extra help.”