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What will it take to wake us up?

The Voice of the Martyrs has a free publication that I read monthly but am reminded of daily. It shares stories of Christians all over the world and the price they have to pay to claim the name of a Jesus follower. How can there be so much hate and so much persecution?

There are real people who come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and lose their spouse and children unless they recant their Christianity. They are burned with acid, beaten and left with broken bones, many even losing their lives. Their homes are torched, employment is cut off which leaves many on the street.

In spite of their horrific persecution, they continue to meet in underground churches, mouth the words of the hymns they sing so they won’t be detected, change location of church homes so any patterns won’t be noticed, and hide God’s Word in their hearts because owning a Bible is evidence for imprisonment.

When I read their stories and their passion for Christ, I bow in shame at how much we take our freedom of worship for granted — how many Bibles are opened only on Sundays, and how some stand with folded arms and closed lips during the worship songs. Even when I sing I wonder if my zeal for worship could even be compared to those who have no religious liberties.

This morning I pulled up Twitter on my phone and read a tweet from Franklin Graham: “So does holding a traditional view of marriage now make you inappropriate for public office in the eyes of some? That’s incredibly wrong — and it’s dangerous for the future of this nation.”

I was curious to see responses to that truth and was shocked at the hate and anger that spewed from so many of the comments. Many agreed with Graham, but it was obvious that the idea that we are “one nation under God” can no longer be our banner.

The plight for America is real. Christians are hated in every nation and country. We may not experience imprisonment or torture (in the near future), but every day Christians are losing their jobs, their businesses and their voice. Unless God sends revival, I see little hope — and our prayers and humility are what will move God. What will it take to wake us up?

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