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I wonder how, wonder why, wonder when

The tiniest bird in the world said no to my offer of sweet stuff last summer. The feeder was a new one and rather attractive, or so I thought. I’m thinking I didn’t have it in an optimum spot to attract the little creatures. I’m trying again this spring and hope to draw their entertaining flight displays. Imagine a bird that can fly 60 miles per hour in up, down, sideways or backward flights.

Their food intake fascinates me too. They consume as much as half their weight in sugar each day. How is that possible? It’s a fantasy world for the little bitties. Their sense of direction fascinates me too. In fact, I wonder how they can migrate 600 plus miles from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and find an exact location, and I can get lost in a parking lot.

Birds are not the only thing that have caused me to wonder. The most peaceful and beautiful time of the day is early morning. I wonder why that’s usually the best sleeping — I wonder why the wonderful aroma of coffee never fully arrives in the cup — I wonder why we have speed limits that most drivers ignore — I wonder why it’s so difficult or seemingly impossible for a politician to ever answer a question with a simple “no” or “yes.” If a picture is worth 1,000 words, I wonder why a picture couldn’t eliminate some of our texting — I wonder what makes little boys wade and jump in mud puddles and little girls walk around them — I wonder why a touchdown isn’t called a throw down since touching has absolutely nothing to do with the sport. I wonder how our family ever found Yellowstone Park in the days before the maps app.

If man is basically good, as some intellectuals purpose, I wonder how they explain the evil of Isis. The outrage over decapitated, dismembered bodies is understandable, but I wonder where the outrage is over the countless number of unborn that are dismembered in the mothers’ wombs? Perhaps it’s not outrage that we should feel; heartbreak is a better response.

I wonder — why do we have to see violence before we are stirred to action? I wonder when the bold and courageous patriots in our land will take a stand and refuse to be told when and where we can pray — I wonder why threats of litigation always get a response of acquiescence instead of staking our fate on the true Judge.

There’s a lot to wonder about in our day.  Too bad it’s not just about tiny things like hummingbirds.

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