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Pass Christian oak will become part of historic Mayflower ship

(AP) — Another Live oak from the Mississippi Coast is on its way to Connecticut, where it’ll become part of American history.

South Mississippi property owners have been donating Live oaks to the maritime museum in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, ever since Hurricane Katrina felled so many trees in 2005. The wood is used to build and restore replica wooden tall ships because of its strength, resistance to rot and decay, and curved shape.

This time, a lightning-struck tree in Diane Brugger’s Pass Christian yard will be used to restore the Mayflower II, a full-scale reproduction of the ship that brought the pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620.

The Brugger tree’s donation is just in time for the 400th anniversary observance of pilgrims arriving on the original Mayflower in 2019. The tree will be used for the ribs of the Mayflower II, which will remain docked for the next two years until the restoration is complete.