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LC National 11s rally past Copiah

GALLMAN – Resembling a Fourth of July fireworks display, theLincoln County National League all-stars exploded for 11 runs inthe sixth inning and outscored Copiah County 21-16 Friday night inthe championship finals of the Dixie Youth Baseball Major League11s North Subdistrict Six Tournament. Copiah had forced a secondgame Friday by edging the Nationals 10-8.

The Nationals advance to the District Six championship seriesagainst the South Subdistrict champion. They will host NatchezTuesday at 7 p.m., in Keystone Park’s Bank of Franklin Field.

Nationals 21, Copiah 16

Trailing Copiah 12-10 entering the top of the sixth, the explosionheard across Copiah County could have been mistaken for some earlyFourth of July fireworks celebration. Bradyn Brister’s 3-run homerover the left field fence was the loudest blast in the bigcomeback. A leadoff single by Jeffrey Daniels got the rally goingin a 10-hit barrage.

LC manager Beck Warren said, “I have never seen an inning where ateam hit the ball as hard as we did with so much power and totallytake control of the game and tournament. It was a very specialmoment that our kids put together.”

Pitcher Konner Allen got the victory for LC in a relief effortafter taking over for Madison Smith in the middle of the 4thinning. Allen struck out three batters while Smith recorded eightstrikeouts on the mound during his outing.

“Madison’s (Smith) pitch count was up and we will only let him goso far,” said Warren. “He was feeling good, but we’re just notgoing to risk overuse and an injury. He has a lot of baseball toplay in the years to come.

“Konner (Allen) is a low ball strike pitcher and gets a lot ofground balls. It was a matter of our defense making plays behindhim.”

Connor Chapin absorbed the loss for Copiah.

Brister homered and singled in the 21-hit offensive. Madison Smithhad three singles. Daniels singled twice and doubled. MichaelHarvey doubled and singled. Reese Reynaud, Stephen Springfield andLogan Murray singled twice.

Fisher Warren, Konner Allen, Lakin Wallace, Canon Travis and NathanWest singled.

Colton Meadows hit a 3-run homer for Copiah. Kyzer Williamsonsingled twice and doubled. Peyton Smith had three singles. LandonMurray doubled. Bradley Page singled.

Copiah 10, Nationals 8

Dylan Torrence struck out eight and walked four in pitching Copiahpast the Nationals. Cannon Travis (6 K, 3 BB) absorbed theloss.

Leading Copiah was Noah Chapa with a double and a single. ConnorChapin and Landon Murray each had two singles. Kyzar Williamson andPreston Prescott also hit safely.

Fisher Warren, Konner Allen and Madison Smith each doubled andsingled. Reese Reynaud singled twice. Bradyn Brister and MichaelHarvey singled.