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It’s not the outside, it’s the inside that counts

This summer marked the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a law designed to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities. Recently I ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Kim Henderson.

Three sides to every story: Yours, mine and the truth

What happens when you don’t like one burger joint? You can go to another. What happens if you are clothes shopping and don’t like one ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Brett Campbell.

Considering Mississippi’s own voting challenges

As the national debate roils over whether or not President Donald Trump and some of his appointees are actively setting up the U.S. Postal Service ... Read more

1 month ago by Special Report.

The world is going to miss that smile

I looked back through my phone, some photo albums and a stack of yearbooks. Couldn’t find one. No, not a single picture of Stacy without ... Read more

1 month ago by Kim Henderson.

A community with no newspaper is only bad news

What would my town be without a newspaper? If you haven’t asked yourself that question, perhaps it is time to consider just what the newspaper ... Read more

1 month ago by Special Report.

Waiting for that new Mississippi flag to unfurl

The Complete Flag Source store sits on a frontage road that runs beside the main interstate cutting through Jackson. It sells flags as big as ... Read more

1 month ago by Kim Henderson.

Anti-immigration efforts remain a whack-a-mole affair

Whack-A-Mole was a popular arcade game back in the mid-1970s which required players to use a mallet to strike randomly appearing toy moles back into ... Read more

1 month ago by Special Report.

Analysis: Budget dispute goes to 1 judge in Hinds County

Mississippi Republican legislative leaders helped defeat a 2015 education initiative by arguing that if someone sued the state over school funding, one judge in Hinds ... Read more

1 month ago by Special Report.

Dueling medical marijuana initiatives face a hard road

Mississippi voters will face the question of legalized medical marijuana use on a broader scale on the November ballot. Medical marijuana is already legal in ... Read more

2 months ago by Special Report.

Powerful politicians are turning to prayer in pandemic

Back in March, the state of Louisiana wasn’t far behind places like New York and Italy for the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. Some speculated ... Read more

2 months ago by Kim Henderson.

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