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Three suggestions to build a better Brookhaven

Many of us woke up Monday morning with the thoughts of the nation’s protests far from our minds, all of that is happening so far ... Read more

4 weeks ago by My Turn.

Remembering a Mississippi school integration hero

The struggle for peaceful school integration in Mississippi just over a half-century ago was a time that called for the emergence of quiet heroes — ... Read more

1 month ago by Special Report.

Jurors reach out, resulting in night to remember

It was a surprise move, as far as juries go. Everyone involved agreed it’s pretty unheard of for a jury foreman to make some calls ... Read more

1 month ago by Kim Henderson.

How can anyone defend a heart full of prejudice?

This is an unusual moment for me. I don’t know what to say. I’m rarely at a loss for words. I can usually think of ... Read more

1 month ago by Brett Campbell.

Remembering the victims, 3 years later

Today is May 28, 2020. Three years ago today, on Memorial Day weekend of 2017, everything changed for two families and a community that loves ... Read more

1 month ago by Brett Campbell.

Bringing Hope to a rural province of Vietnam

In Vietnam’s rural Quang Nam Province, therapy services for children with disabilities were non-existent until two years ago.  That’s when an American occupational therapist arrived ... Read more

1 month ago by Kim Henderson.

Going it alone: The realities of COVID-19

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about hospital stays during the pandemic. In February, I described medical circumstances involving my sister-in-law’s father, who lives ... Read more

2 months ago by Kim Henderson.

Who’s a good boy? My dog Woody was a good boy

He was the best dog ever. We probably all say that about the dog that made the biggest impact on us. Mine was Woody. And ... Read more

2 months ago by Brett Campbell.

Gubernatorial powers have changed little since 1890

So a Mississippi governor and the state’s Legislature disagree over constitutional powers and responsibilities when it comes to how the state utilizes and expends the ... Read more

2 months ago by Special Report.

Hansen’s disease: A research like no other

Writer’s Note: If any word has made a resurgence lately, it’s “quarantine.” But the truth is, whether used as a noun or as a verb, ... Read more

2 months ago by Kim Henderson.

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