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Londons still hope someone will talk

It’s been two years since Bridget London Hall was shot to death in her home on Vivian Merritt Street.

There have been no arrests and no answers for her family. Her family remains hopeful that someone will come forward with the information Brookhaven police need to solve the crime.

Last year, the Londons increased the CrimeStoppers’ reward to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for her death.

They are hopeful that a new police chief will be able to make headway in the case.

“We’re hoping at this point, with Kenny in there, I’m hoping that he’s going to take a different approach, which means bring in some outside people. Fresh eyes make a difference,” Sharon London said.

We remain hopeful that police will catch the killer, and maybe a fresh set of eyes will make a difference. More than anything, however, information from the public will make a difference.

“Speak up and tell what you know,” London said. “Go to the law enforcement and let them piece it together. If you know something, say something. We know they know. Say it.”

We encourage the public to take London’s pleas seriously. Surely someone knows something that can be of use to police. If you know something — anything — please tell police. Help this family find closure and help bring a killer to justice.