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While we were putting down roots

We built our house around it, a massive oak with leaves larger than my husband’s hand and limbs that kissed the dirt. The builder warned ... Read more

Please share Easter traditions, photos

Every community needs a newspaper. Every newspaper needs a community. I have used those words in many of the talks I have given to Brookhaven ... Read more

Volunteer and help build the community

April 6-12 is National Volunteer Week, and I can attest that a heaping helping of those who give their time for good causes live right ... Read more

Are we ripe for the picking?

If you’re wondering where the going green, label reading trend is headed, look no further than Mississippi’s newest health-conscious grocery store, Whole Foods. The national ... Read more

A secret that needs to be shared

Tourism is big business, and Brookhaven needs to cash in. “The comment I get a lot is, ‘You’re the best kept secret in Mississippi,’ and ... Read more

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