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Stronger buildings equal safer citizens

This week Mississippi will celebrate a major victory in policymaking by the Mississippi Legislature with the enactment of Senate Bill 2378, which strengthens the state’s ... Read more

The Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage

The memories are vivid. The events of the civil rights struggles 50 years ago are not fading recollections to those who were there – those ... Read more

State sees advance in transparency efforts

JACKSON – Well, that’s more like it. The state legislature this week passed two very important bills on to Gov. Phil Bryant for his consideration. ... Read more

Raise plan is investment in teachers

House Republicans believe if we are going to improve our educational system, we must invest in good teachers. For this reason, we have led the ... Read more

Goza exemplifies volunteer spirit

One does not have to look far to find the real reason why some organizations are just more successful than others. The secret is simple; ... Read more

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