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Living the oilfield life and loving the oilfield man

It’s not easy being an oilfield wife. Missing holidays and birthdays with the one you love. Worrying about his safety on a rig full of ... Read more

Arctic temps in Dixie and stylish chicks not an easy mix

Who had a burst water pipe last week? I did. I even ran hot and cold water in all my sinks and opened the cabinet ... Read more

A sweet goodbye to 2013 and a hopeful hello to 2014

Goodbye 2013. You’ve been an exciting year. I got engaged and married in 2013. Last year is the year I will fondly remember when my ... Read more

Our City of The Dead – Rosehill

Have you visited Rosehill lately? I know, you’re asking, “Why would I want to visit a cemetery?” That’s a good question. A cemetery can be ... Read more

Elves on shelves and Christmas magic

If you have a Facebook page or you’re around children at all, you probably have heard of the “Elf on the Shelf.” These little magical ... Read more

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